Analisis Keterampilan Membaca Permulaan Siswa Sekolah Dasar

(Studi Kasus Pada Siswa Kelas 1 SDIT Az-Zahra Cibitung)

  • Ade Sabrina Universitas Negeri Jakarta
  • Herlina Usman
  • Siti Fatimah Azzahra
Keywords: Membaca, Keterampilan, Faktor


The purpose of this study is to know the factors that lead to
low competence in reading students and low reading activities in
schools and at home. This type of research is qualitative with this
type of case study. The subject of this study is a 1st grader sdit az
zahra who is having difficulty reading. The data-collection
techniques used in the research include observation, interviews, and
documentation. The data validation used on this research was
source triangulation. The result of this study is low on reading
competence because of psychological factors and family
environment. The psychological factor of the student himself is not
interested in reading and socio and emotional maturity and
adaptation. Student activity in school life is not confident to speak
up and appear before the class but when socializing with his or her
classmates tends to be very active. While in his daily home activity
the student who was always on his cell phone at home and rarely
asked for studying and revisiting at home.
Keyword: Reading, Skills, Factors